“His Attention to Detail Still Astonishes Me.”

“I’ve worked with Mike on various projects throughout the years and his attention to detail still astonishes me. It’s nice to work with an illustrator that gets genuinely excited about the projects he is working on. His amazing body of work is a testament to this and his art definitely speaks for itself. I will say however, that what I like the most about working with Mike is his easy-going personality, professionalism and willingness to get the job done. I’m a fan of Mike’s artwork and business acumen. I look forward to working with him on future projects.”

Ricardo Komboa Mireles – Creative Lead Ayzenberg Group


“Talented Artist & Consummate Professional…”

“Mike Thompson is an amazingly talented artist and consummate professional that I can rely on to deliver top notch art, engaging presentations & detailed tutorials on deadline. He has proven to be an influential Corel Painter brand champion & Master that is a great pleasure to work with and someone that is always willing to offer product development and marketing insight to improve the business.


I admire his work ethic, passion and the inspiration that he offers fellow artists by constantly challenging himself with a variety of high profile projects and sharing his process along the way. I would highly recommend working with Mike and look forward to continuing to collaborate with him.”

Tanya Lux – Senior Product Marketing Manager

“I was spoiled as a Product Manager for Corel Painter. I had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing artists. Mike tracked me down after one of the releases of Painter. Mike blew me away. He is so humble yet SO talented and personable. His down to earth nature and zest for life is contagious and I always felt inspired after we talked.


We commissioned Mike to do a piece for we were hosting for The Hard Rock Hotel. As part of the engagement we were going to present a painting to our partner. There was a rock and roll theme to the event. Basically that’s all we told Mike, who said, “Guys…I am on it!” What we received back from Mike was INCREDIBLE.


Mike’s attention to detail is astounding and he is a true master at his trade. When we gave the painting to our partner they were awestruck (as we were). Mike is one in million and I am a better person now just by getting to know him. You remember days when you meet people like Mike as it doesn’t happen to you often!”

Rob MacDonald – Product Manager Corel

“I had the opportunity to work with Mike to develop content for Painter 12 as well as artwork for marketing collateral purposes, and in all aspects Mike provided outstanding work.

As a collaborator he is always a pleasure to work with, both giving and receiving critique with a professional attitude, meeting or exceeding expectations for the job at hand.”

Steve Szoczei – User Design Experience


“A Dream to Collaborate With.”

“Mike is an incredible talent. I have hired him to work on numerous original illustrations and each time I’ve worked with him, he stretches the boundaries of his creativity a little bit more. In addition to his creative talent, he is really detail-oriented, manages his time very well, and is a dream to collaborate with.”

Davina Lennard-Alladice – HBO


“Mike Is Not a One Trick Pony!”

“To say that Mike Thompson is talented is quite the understatement. Although already well known for his vivid urban illustrations, Mike is NOT a one trick pony! His uncanny ability to capture the likeness of his subjects is quite the talent.


But his ability to capture the very essence and soul of his subject is startling. An outstanding gift that keeps you coming back again and again to view his paintings. I can, and have highly recommend this amazing artist.”

Cesar Dacol Jr – Director of Character Development


“Mike T Is Your Guy!”

“Mike was selected to participate in my book, “Secrets of Corel Painter Experts” because he is an such a talented artist. The book has 17 artists from around the world and each chapter featured a different artist. I got a chance to view a lot of his work and he can draw just about anything for print, web or television, REALLY well. If you have a project that needs a first class artist, Mike T is your guy!”

Daryl Wise – StreetWise PR


“An Amazing Artist with a Wide Range.”

“Mike Thompson is an amazing artist with a wide range. He is reliable and cares about the project. If you in need of a good illustrator, Mike Thompson is your guy.”

Carlos King – Art Director Warner Bros