Civil War has Come!

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“Civil War Has Begun!”Client / Marvel Entertainment

In late 2014 I was given a test project by Marvel. I was provided a piece of concept art of the Black Panther and asked to create an illustration of him in a dynamic pose. I didn’t have a lot of time (the Christmas break, actually).


The payoff was, if I nailed it, Marvel would assign me an illustration for the upcoming Civil War film. Needless to say, I wanted that job. This is the piece I handed in that got me the project…

Marvel provided costume designs as well as character turn arounds for my reference and a list of who was on who’s team.  At the time Antman was on Team Iron man ; ).


This was the first group shot with so many characters I’d ever painted.  Back on my first job with Marvel, I only painted single characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, so I expected this to be more challenging.  The only real guidelines I had to follow were that the illustration had to be dynamic and I had to match the clothing concepts I was provided.


Because the deadline for this was so tight, I made a grayscale painting which I later colorized and painted over in Photoshop (Also a first for me).  I usually start working in color, but I have to say I was pretty happy with how it cut my illustration time dramatically.  In fact I liked it so much, I made a video about the process.


Click the link below to see my Civil War work…

Click to see my Civil War Art