“The Last Turtle” – ZBrush to Illustration

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Pixologic Feature – “ZBrush 3D to 2D.”Video Profile for Pixologic

Although I have been drawing and painting for more years than I would probably admit, I am relatively new to digital sculpting.


I started using ZBrush a couple of years ago, more out of necessity than anything else. I needed better reference for my paintings.  In the past, lighting reference for my paintings came from images collected online, taking photos of myself and family or using action figures and statues from my collection.


While that method worked, I still found myself guessing at exact poses, lighting, or costumes and gear.  Not a huge problem, but it definitely took away from time I could spend painting.


Pixologic’s 2016 ZBrush for Illustrators campaign shows how to use the sculpting application to help create 2D illustration.  In it I walkthrough my process for creating my “Last Turtle” illustration.  You can view the videos by clicking the link at the end of this post.


The concept behind this piece of art was the following:  “Michaelangelo, the one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle that didn’t take anything seriously is also the sole remaining one after a battle with the Shredder.  In it his brothers and Master Splinter were killed.  My painting of Mikey shows a much more serious and angry hero.  Now armed with his brothers weapons, he fights alone and has vowed to protect his girlfriend April O’Neal at any cost!”



The attached pictures show my Zbrush sculpt of Michaelangelo on the left and the finished painting on the right.  This series of videos was made to show how painting over your zbrush render can both save time and really enhance your art.  Look for a similar process I used for Corel Painter soon!


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Click here to go to the videos!